Background     In 2002 the Texas electricity markets deregulated with interruptible power programs giving way to new choices.  LaaR (Load Acting as a Resource) was introduced as a market tool where participants receive payments to help stabilize the Texas power grid.  A typical oilfield customer (1000KW) receives about $50,000/yr. in LaaR revenue, but many oilfields are much larger and enjoy proportionally larger checks.  Interruptions are infrequent and brief, which explains why it’s popular for Permian Basin operators … oilfield production usually recovers in the next run cycle.  ERCOT pays oil companies millions in LaaR revenue for helping stabilize the Texas grid.

New Technology    Early years applied basic PLC controls.  However, a new solution emerged a few years ago utilizing the same hi-grade equipment that protects power stations and transmission lines.  EE Partners, Ltd. modernized LaaR technology with the SEL-651R2 recloser control.  This equipment already safeguards hundreds of oilfield power grids and now, it’s capable of LaaR without the legacy PLC systems.  Moreover, the SEL-651R2 provides diagnostic logs so customers can validate every LaaR trip.  Costly production losses due to false LaaR outages can be avoided, and by eliminating the extra PLC, repair bills and equipment problems are much lower.

Results      June 2015 marks 9341 unit-days using the SEL-651R2 for LaaR.  Statistics for this period reflect 99.7% availability, zero recalibrations and no false trips while downtime was 26 unit-days consisting of human error (corrected by procedure) and one VSAT problem (corrected by re-alignment).  The SEL-651R2 main controller experienced zero issues during 9341 unit-days. 

Added Value      Many customers benefit from EE Partners power quality service which includes fault analysis, troubleshooting production blinks and monitoring utility compliance.  Customers who implement LaaR using the SEL-651R2 gain the extra benefit of EE’s monitoring support by utilizing the same satellite dish for both.

LaaR Companies SEL-651R2 is qualified with Constellation Energy, Tenaska, Reliant Energy and Priority Power.

Interested?   If you are already a customer it’s possible the SEL-651R2 is in place.  In most cases LaaR integration is easy, and economics payout in a few months.